GeoSpatial Intelligence, GeoSocial Management, GeoLocal Communication

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Our Products

Listed below are some of the products that we offer here at Walulel


WaInsight is a web accusable platform that the Residential Real Estate ("RRE") Market Participants can use to understand the quality of every neighbourhood, postcode or zipcode. By empowering RRE Market Participants with the ability to access hyperlocal data and compare locations at various geographies. WaInsight means no RRE Market Participant need ever make an ill-informed Location Decision again. With WaInsight everything anyone would ever want to know about any area can be found out in less than five (5) simple clicks.


WaCommunicate is a service that Building Managers can use to differentiate themselves by providing an online forum where Tenants can communicate with each other in a manner akin to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Slack, however with WaCommunicate, Tenants can only access the discussion forums when they are in a certain location. So for instance if the residents of Trassaco Valley wanted their Building Manager to procure an online community forum just for them, only people geographically within the boundaries of Trassaco Valley, that is to say the community of residents could participate in the discussion. This is only possible because the technology underpinning WaCommunicate implements an imaginary digital boundary around a tenanted property. As such people outside this boundary will not be able to access the discussion.


WaEngage is an online consultation and public participation platform. that allows a geographically restricted or attribute targeted citizenry to be consulted on issues that affect their locale. It affords opinion providers with a digital channel to focus and amplify and voice opinions, whilst giving those wishing to seek opinions (opinion seekers) a place to present their ideas in a simple accessible and editable format. Opinion Seekers also benefit from Walulel's proprietary natural language processing AI which summarises the range content and nature of opinions provided.