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FAQ Section for Billing and Accounts.

WaCommunicate Billing and Accounts

WaCommunicate Billing and Accounts

Anyone operating in the property market space specifically Property/Facility Managers, can create a WaCommunicate account to create digitally safe geolocation dependent social networks for their buildings and to handle their soft FM administration.


Each WaCommunicate "Account" is unique and is determined by a combination of email and mobile phone number that must correspond to a natural person. An Account permits access to the digital bundle of services entailing the WaCommunicate Application. An Account must therefore be private to a person. A WaCommunicate Account is the exclusive reference node, Walulel uses, to enable access to WaCommunicate services (the " Communication/ Soft Facility Management Services"), referred to below.

Although each Account represents a dedicated virtual namespace, which any user of WaCommunicate can think of as their personal workspace.

An Account is the place that a WaCommunicate paying user (the "Account Holder") must use to view board posts and reported issues, create tasks and assign them to in-house/3rd-party artisans, request and view sentiment reports and generally communicate and share information while keeping up to date on what is happening within their property with all the features provided. The Gratis user can view and post in board channels, view and redeem offers, view key documents, report issues and make their voices heard within the corridors of power.

In order to obtain a valid Gratis/Paying Account an Account Holder user must agree to be bound by and adhere to, the (1) Terms & Conditions; (2) Acceptable Use Policy; (3) Privacy Policy; (4) Cookie Policy; (5) Community Participation Policy and (5) Licensing Terms as found at Walulel's website's legal section. Such consent is deemed by signing-up to WaCommunicate and providing the personal information required.

Account Subscriptions, Packages & Billing

The "Subscription" associated with an Account is how Account Holders pay for WaCommunicate. An Account Holder will only need a subscription if signed up for one of WaCommunicate's paid packages. An Account Holder can choose between a monthly or annual subscription. Subscriptions auto-renew, but An Account Holder can cancel at any time. Any cancellation will be enacted at the end of the subscription period applicable to the Package purchased.

An Account Holder must select a "Package" as part of a subscription. The Package lets Walulel know how much to charge the Account Holder each billing period. WaCommunicate currently has four paid packages: (1) Hamlet; (2) Town; (3) City; (4) Metropolis. Each plan has a unique allocation quota, specifying the number of Summary Requests, Boards, Admins, Number of Apartments and the Consultation Duration hours.

An Account Holder subscribed to a Plan will be billed in accordance with the general process made clear at the time of subscription. The billing details, billing date, and billing conventions in respect of an Account Holder subscribed to a Package, can be found within the "Package" area of the WaCommunicate application, where an Account Holder subscribed to a Package can also view and manage their allocations, billing details, personal details and invoices. The user can also subscribe to the ‘Top Up Plan’ to to up their Summary Requests/Sentiments.

It is worth noting that all invoices in respect of WaCommunicate are ultimately £GBP. Invoices are currently payable in other currencies but will be settled in £GBP or the alternative currency equivalent at the rates determined by the payment provider.

Refunds and return policies are not required by law for software services such as those provided to Account Holders. All payment obligations are non-cancellable and all amounts paid are non-refundable.

Communication Services

With a WaCommunicate Paid Account (Hamlet, Town, City, Metropolis), the Account Holder can be eligible for the following features:

  • Board Creation - Paying users can get create digitally safe geo-located boards in any location of their choice.
  • Board Posts - Admins can communicate with tenants/ Asset Users, view & create board posts and post in any of the conversation channels. They can also create 3 personalised board channels on their choice.
  • Town Hall: Video or voice call function where Account Holders can hold online meetings can on a specific day and time to discuss issues. Associated documents can be uploaded for review before meeting day.
  • Key documents: Account Holders can upload all their key documents on the platform for all the users to see, upload and respond to when necessary.
  • Communiqué - Paying users can send and receive audio and voice communiqués from users and can create tasks from these communiqués. Account Holders can also send location-based communiqués.
  • Broadcast - A dedicated broadcast channel to send important messages to users of a tenanted building or members of a local community

With a WaCommunicate free account (Gratis), the Account Holder will gain access to the following communication services:

  • Board Posts - Gratis users can also post, comment and reply in any of the channels except the news & offers channels but can view posts in the News Channel and local ads/offers within their neighbourhood.
  • Town Hall - Gratis Users can request for a Town Hall or join a live/scheduled Town meetings
  • Key documents - Users can view and respond to documents when necessary
  • Communiqué - Users can send and receive audio and voice communiqués from Building Managers.
  • Broadcast - Users can receive broadcast messages from their FMs or BMs on important issues.

Facilities Management

With a paid application, the Account Holder will get access to the following soft FM Services:

  • Reported Issues - Admins can receive visual and location-tagged maintenance requests which can be scheduled and assigned to local professionals and artisans.
  • Task Management - Admins/BMs can create & assign/auction tasks to artisans, set the price range, task dates and priority and task description.
  • Unit Management - Admins can view, update/read unit, tenant and rent details and view ‘Unit’s Chronicles’ i.e. Artisan Jobs & Repairs. Account holders can manage all their tenanted units from this feature.

With a WaCommunicate free account (Gratis), the Account Holder will gain access to the following FM/ geo-tagging services:

  • Report Issues - Gratis users can report and geo-tag issues and attach photographs for more visual clarity.

Recording & Analysis Services

Each Paying Account Holder is permitted to this range of WaCommunicate Analysis and Sentiment Reports.

  • Collective Sentiments - Admins/paying users get AI powered analysis of the sentiments of tenants and users of your asset/property to better optimise their services to suit the needs of asset users.
  • Board Analytics - Account Holders get board specific and general analytics to enable them make informed decision about their assets/properties and local area.
  • Polls - Paying users can get people’s views, likes and dislikes on various topics of interest through the use of polls.

With a WaCommunicate free account (Gratis), the Account Holder will gain access to the following services:

  • Polls - Gratis Users can express their views, likes and dislikes on various topics of interest through the use of polls.

Management Services

With a paid WaCommunicate Account, the Account Holder will be able to get access to the following Management Services:

  • Board Management/Settings - Paying users can view, edit and update the board name, board description, board zone, board membership, membership verification, refresh board access code and board restriction timeline.
  • Artisan Management - Artisans can manage their artisans and other local professionals, assign tasks to artisans and monitor timelines all from the Artisan Management platform. They can also view artisans and upload multiple artisans onto the platform.

Revenue Sharing Scheme

With a paid WaCommunicate Account, the Account Holder will be able to participate in our WaPatron Revenue Sharing Scheme.

  • Estimated Earnings - Paying users can earn extra revenue in allowing us to use their promotional space. Account Holders get money back from every impression we get from tenants/board members.

Advertisement Services

WaPatron is a complementary service that allows advertisers to promote local offers to a specific target audience.

  • Offers - Gratis users can view local ads/offers in your neighbourhood and redeem the offers.