Your locale like you've never known


Walulel is a London and Accra-based technology company that utilizes publicly available and proprietary data to create algorithms that allow tenants, landowners, developers, estate agents and holiday-makers to better understand the objective quality of one location as compared to another through the provision of data-driven, location-specific insights and comparative analytics.

Through the use of our highly advanced mathematical formulae and in-house analytics software, we can tell you everything from the air quality level of a given area, to the number of doctors per NHS patient there are in an area. We can even predict the likely footfall that will pass your shop and tell you the effect the weather has on that footfall. Whatever you need to know about your location we’ll provide the insight.

Born of a desire to help Londoners understand the quality of a given location, Walulel formed to help us answer everyday questions, such as “if I live in Battersea how likely am I to get a seat on the 9am train to Waterloo from Clapham Junction?”, or “if I live in Hackney, how much do most people earn in my area and what do they do for a living?”. We’ve even managed to explain why average house prices are higher in parts of Wandsworth than they are in parts of Brent, even though life expectancy and our in-house amenity value ratings scores mean that that shouldn’t be the case.


Our company ethos is simple: We want to change the way people look at and understand the greatest cities on earth. By providing data-driven insights, we want to help commercial/residential tenants, landowners, developers, estate agents and holiday-makers alike to better connect people with the amenities they value in a location, and inform them of the drivers behind the costs of accessing such amenities.


We work with:

  • Sharing-economy businesses to differentiate themselves from their many competitors by allowing their users to view certain of Walulel's analysis through their website.

  • Real Estate developers to provide consultancy so they can see for the first time the influence of previously unconsidered data measures on land values.

  • Residential tenants and holiday-makers, to connect people with the amenities they value.

  • Estate agents, to help provide them with granular quantitative and qualitative statistics about the neighbourhoods they represent; and

  • Commercial businesses to ensure that they are located in the best location possible to serve their customers, heighten visibility, procure and retain the best talent and benefit from other market forces that are geographically dependent.


When we realised that less than 20% of the value of a commercial or residential property is attributable to the actual bricks and mortar, we put together a team of urban planners, real estate surveyors, quantitative analysts, web developers, planning lawyers, architects and business gurus to use over 100 years of combined professional experience to uncover the differences in quality that account for the difference in value between London’s neighbourhoods.

As we got to write the rules for our company culture we decided that every full-time employee would have a stake in the company and that 10% of our profits would and do go to charity.


Our aim is to introduce you to your locale like you've never known it by using data in clever ways to provide answers to age old questions and uncover correlations most of us never knew existed. One day we hope to do this in all major cities on Earth. Please do get in touch if you want to join us, give us an idea of something you’d like to see measured or even just to share your views we’re always happy to listen.